Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Jett Hall

Fully accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, the Department of Chemical Engineering offers hands-on application of theory and concepts. Laboratory facilities provide opportunities where students learn the importance of teamwork and develop effective oral and written communication skills. The department is housed in Jett Hall (JH), which is named in honor of Dr. Daniel B. Jett. Dr. Jett served as the Dean of the College of Engineering from 1938-1947. View Opportunities in Chemical Engineering.

Jett Hall 155157Computation & Visualization Lab$25,000
Jett Hall 159157Conference Room$15,000
Jett Hall 161405ChE Student Lounge$25,000
Jett Hall 168610Advanced Materials Characterization Lab$50,000
Jett Hall 169824ChE Computer Lab$75,000
Jett Hall 170523General Lab/De-ionized Water Unit$50,000
Jett Hall 171 A/B1915Unit Operations Lab$150,000
Jett Hall 263/A398Shires Chemical Engineering LibraryN/A
Jett Hall 264611Electrochemical Engineering Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 110326Advanced Materials Characterization Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 114A332Food Engineering Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 114B503Graduate Research Computer Room$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 115601Transport Separations Lab$50,000
Hernandez Hall Room 1241576Transport Instrumentation Lab$150,000
Hernandez Hall Room 125286Advanced Materials Instrumentation Lab$25,000
Hernandez Hall Room 129733Advanced Materials Lab$75,000
Hernandez Hall Room 1301110Biochemical Engineering Lab$100,000
Hernandez Hall Room 217988Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab$75,000
Hernandez Hall Room 224126Galassini Family Study LoungeN/A
Hernandez Hall Room 2261459Classroom$150,000