Ingenieros Eminentes


Members of the Sociedad de Ingenieros are presented with a medallion which they can wear during the NMSU Commencement Ceremony.

Sociedad de Ingenieros History

The Sociedad de Ingenieros was established on the campus of New Mexico State University on December 12, 1989. The society is dedicated to each graduating class of engineers in anticipation of the future contributions they will make to society while practicing their profession, and to the families of these new engineers who have supported their sons, daughters, and friends toward the achievement of their academic goals.

The society’s founding membership included then University President James Halligan, Dean J. Derald Morgan, Associate Dean J. Eldon Steelman, Assistant Dean Joe L. Creed, and Department Heads George D. Alexander, Rohinton K. Bhada, Satish J. Kamat, Larryl K. Matthews, M. Don Merrill, George Mulholland and Kenneth R. White.

Each new graduate is invited to become a member; there is no other requirement for membership other than successfully completing an engineering degree program and qualifying for a degree from the NMSU College of Engineering.

In romance languages, particularly in Spanish, Ingeniero is clearly related to ingenuidad—ingenuity and genius. In all of the romance language countries, including Central and South America, the title of engineer is one that bears great honor. In these countries, engineers are also highly respected; everyone is aware of the academic rigor required to obtain a degree in engineering. They are also aware of the achievements of engineers that effect every part of their daily lives.

In English, the term engineer has been diluted. In reviewing the thesaurus, it lists nouns synonymous with engineer as: conductor, driver, handler, operator and pilot. Engineer used as a verb: arrange, direct, manage, mastermind, negotiate and plan. In the romance languages the term Ingeniero remains untarnished. Therefore, Sociedad de Ingenieros was chosen to spotlight the vocation and the designation Ing. to precede the names of our graduates.

At each ceremony, Eminente members are inducted into the society. These recipients are NMSU College of Engineering alumni who have distinguished themselves in their field of study. The Eminentes serve as role models for the new graduates. Likewise, Honoraria are non-alumni who are friends of the college who have distinguished themselves.

Ingenieros Eminentes

Year Name
Fall 2018 Dan Arvizu, BSME ’73, NMSU;  MS ’74 and Ph.D. ’81 ME, Stanford
Spring 2018 Eddie Binns, BSCE, ’57
Fall 2017 Alvy Ray Smith, BSEE, ’63; Honorary Ph.D., ’99
Spring 2017 Daniel Hicks, BSME
Fall 2016 Colin Cahoon, BSChE , ’83
Spring 2016 Capt. Vicente C. Garcia, Jr., BSEE, ’78
Fall 2015 Edward Martinez, BSCE, ’84
Spring 2015 Terry C. Price, BSME, ’71
Fall 2014 Stan Atcitty, BSEE, MSEE, ’93, ’95
Spring 2014  Robert Garza, BSCE, ’89
Fall 2013 Arthur Hurtado, MSEE, ’78
Spring 2013 Norman Armendariz, D.Eng, ’97
Fall 2012  Alvin Dominguez, BSCET, ’83
Spring 2012 Robert Doyle, BSEE, MSEE, ’83, ’88 
Spring 2011 Connie Phillips, D.Eng.
Fall 2010 Eloy Torrez, BSEE, ’70
Spring 2010 Michael Connor, BCE, ’86
Fall 2009  J. Frank Bates
Spring 2009 Thomas M. Beall