Ed Foreman Excellence Awards (Faculty and Staff)

The Ed Foreman Excellence Awards will recognize a faculty and a staff member each year. The criterion is simply that the recipients reflects the philosophy of their benefactor, engineering alumnus Ed Foreman. This philosophy can be summed up as one who achieves excellence through the adoption of a positive attitude (see: http://www.edforeman.com/ ). Foreman has made a gift to recognize faculty and staff within the College of Engineering who demonstrate his philosophy of positive thinking as a means of acknowledging the importance of positive attitudes in an organization’s success.

A few memorable Foreman quotes that support the essence of these recognition awards are:

“You can either have a terrible day or a terrific day, and you get to choose. Successful daily living is brought about by having one happy, successful day. If you can find the formula on how to have one happy, successful day, and you can repeat that seven days in a row, you’ve had a good week. Now do that 52 times in a row, and what do you have? You’ve had a great year.”

 “Winners develop the habit of doing the things losers don’t like to do.”

“Life is primarily for laughing, loving, and living. It ain’t just for whining, worrying, and working”!

“Believe that good things will happen. Expectations have a way of coming true.”

Two awards will be made each year: one $1,000 award for a faculty member and one $1,000 award for a staff member.