College of Engineering Leadership


Lakshmi Reddi    

Ph.D., P.E.    

College of Engineering Dean

Sonya Cooper, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Dean of Academics

Roles and Responsibilities: Academic policies and procedures, enrolled student affairs, curricular changes, program additions/changes, assessment, student retention activities, learning communities.

Primary interactions are with department heads, faculty and students.

Phillip DeLeon, Ph.D..
Associate Dean of Research

Pre- and postaward processes, implementation of strategies for growth in research and doctoral education, development of cross-departmental/
college collaborations and foundation, industry, government, laboratory partnerships.

Primary interactions are with department heads, faculty and development directors.

Patricia Sullivan, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Recruiting and Outreach

K-12 programs, cooperative extension – technology transfer to address community engineering needs, increased focus on development of continuing education and training workshops for practicing engineers and professionals.

Primary interactions are with department heads and faculty.


Stephanie Armitage
Development Director


Mark Gladden
Development Director

Alumni relations and fundraising events.