Engineering Safety Management Seminars for students

Engineering Safety Management Seminars

Earn an Engineering Safety Management Certificate or just learn about safety!

College of Engineering Safety Specialist Juanita Miller will conduct a series of three seminars in Engineering Safety Management. You may attend any of the seminars that you wish. Those who attend all three seminars will earn a certificate upon completion.

The seminars are free, but registration is required. Pizza will be served following the seminars.
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Risk Management

Monday, October 12, 5-6 pm; Thomas and Brown Hall Room 204

A news story talks about the risk of damage from a 100 year flood or from a category 5 hurricane. Ever wonder how they arrive at these predictions? Industries use risk management techniques to protect not only the health and safety of their workers, but also their monetary assets. This applies to banking as they decide to loan money for a venture, an insurance company to underwrite an event, or an engineering firm to ensure a design is safe and functional. This seminar will explore what risk management is, and some examples of how it is used. We will discuss differences between hazards and risks, and introduce methods of risk analysis.

Management of Change

Monday October 26, 5-6 pm; Thomas and Brown Hall Room 204

Ever wonder if using a different ingredient in you grandma’s cookies made them flop? Industry has this problem too, except that sometimes using a different ingredient or component makes disastrous things happen. This seminar will discuss what constitutes a change. We will discuss how a small change can have a huge impact on a process or system. Concepts from risk management will be used to evaluate changes allowing for a review to ensure a change is suitable to implement.

Human Factors in Safety

Monday, November 9, 5-6 pm; Thomas and Brown Hall Room 204

Did you ever have such a boring task that you fell asleep? Or did you get distracted and forget to get a job done? How about walking away and letting something burn on the stove? Many behaviors such as distraction, overwork, boring tasks lead to errors which can result in accidents. These things can be fixed or avoided if you know what to look for. This seminar will cover types of human error and give several examples of behavior. Procedures and instructions will be a topic of interest regarding changes. Concepts from risk management and management of change will be used to determine approaches to remedy human factor and error scenarios.

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