Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed chairs and professorships provide support for the important research that our talented faculty members conduct and enhance their efforts in specialized areas of study. The annual income can propel research, provide funding for professional development, help pay student workers or create opportunities for collaboration with scholars around the world.

Endowed professorships and chairs are our most prestigious faculty appointments and our highest academic award. It is an honor to the named holder of the appointment and also an enduring acknowledgement to the donor who established it.

The College of Engineering is proud to have the following distinguished professors among its faculty:

College of Engineering

Associate Professor Paul Furth taught a class on analog technology for the Engineering New Mexico Resource Network.

Associate Professor Paul Furth holds the John Kaichiro Nakayama and Tome Miyaguchi Nakayama Professorship for Teaching Excellence

Endowed Professorships

  • John Kaichiro Nakayama and Tome Miyagushi Nakayama Professorship for Research Excellence  and Teaching Excellence: Paul Furth, Young Ho Park, Catherine Brewer

Former recipients: Ou Ma, Phillip DeLeon (first recipients)

  • PECSO Endowed Professorship in Industrial Water Quality and Reclamation Research: Pei Xu

Chemical Engineering

Endowed Professorship

  • Luke Barry Shires Endowed Professorship in Chemical and Materials Engineering: Hongmei Luo
  • Robert Davis Distinguished Professorship in Chemical Engineering: David Rockstraw

Former Recipients: Shuguang Deng, Martha Mitchell (first recipients)

Civil Engineering

Endowed Chair

Endowed Professorships

NMSU Professor and Civil Engineering Department Head David Jáuregui leads the Bridge Inspection Program that provides students with career-critical education and experience. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

Civil Engineering Department Head David Jauregui holds the Ed Foreman Distinguished Professorship in Civil Engineering

Former Recipient: Nirmala Khandan (first recipient)

  • Ed Foreman Endowed Professorship for Excellence in Civil Engineering: David Jáuregui

Former Recipients: Peter Martin, Rola Idriss (first recipient)

  • Harold Foreman Distinguished Professorship in Civil Engineering: Brad Weldon

Former Recipient:  Zohrab Samani (first recipient)

  • Wells-Hatch Family Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Civil Engineering: Paola Bandini

Former Recipient: David Jáuregui (first recipient)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Endowed Chairs

  • Frank Carden Endowed Chair in Telemetering and Telecommunications: Charles Creusere

Former Recipients: Frank Carden, William P. Osborne, Stephen Horan

  • PNM Endowed Chair for Utility Management: Satish Ranade (first recipient)

Endowed Professorships

  • International Foundation for Telemetering Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering: TBA

Former Recipient: Deva Borah

  • William Kersting Endowed Professorship in Power Systems Engineering: TBD

Former Recipient: Sukumar Brahma (first recipient)

Former Recipients: Kwong Ng, Jaime Ramirez-Angulo, David Voelz, and Phillip DeLeon, Vojin Oklobdzija, Mike Giles


Igor Sevostianov, associate professor and recipient of the Dwight and Aubrey Chapman Distinguished Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Endowed Professorships

  • Dwight and Audrey Chapman Distinguished Professorship in Mechanical Engineering: TBA

Former Recipients: Eric Butcher (first recipient), Igor Sevostinov

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Academy Distinguished Professorship: TBA

Former recipients: Mingjuin Wei, Igor Sevostianov (first recipient)

  • Forrest Mooney Endowed Professorship in Aerospace Engineering: TBA
  • Robert G. Myers Department Head Professorship in Mechanical Engineering: TBD

Former Recipients: Thomas Burton (first recipient), Ian LeslieRuey-Hung Chen

Pending Completion of Endowment Funding

      • Ken White Endowed Professorship in Structures and Transportation Engineering
      • George W. Lucky Endowed Professorship for Excellence in Engineering Education
      • Dr. John Minor P.E. Memorial Endowed Professorship

NMSU Regents Professors

The Regents Professorship, established in 2001 by the NMSU Board of Regents, recognizes faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the university’s mission and to honor contributions in the areas of education, research, extension education and public service.

    • Sonya Cooper