Past College of Engineering Annual Faculty and Staff Awardees

2017 Awardees

Synergy Teaching-Research-Service Award

     Dr. Young-Ho Park, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Synergy Faculty Leadership Award

     Dr. Delia J. Valles-Rosales, Industrial Engineering

Synergy One-College Faculty Award

     Dr. Jessica Houston, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Synergy Staff Leadership Award

     Dr. Meng Zhou, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Synergy One-College Staff Award

     Gabriela Cisneros, Engineering Research Center and Alliance for  Minority Participation

Foreman Faculty Excellence Award

     Dr. Lynn Kelly, Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering

Foreman Staff Excellence Award

     Annette Benavidez, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Frank Bromilow Engineering Research Excellence Award

     Dr. Pei Xu, Civil Engineering

Frank Bromilow Engineering  Staff Excellence Award

     Margaret Vasquez, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Frank and Dorothy Bromilow College of Engineering Student Award

     Alexandra Valdez, E-Council President