College of Engineering Annual Faculty and Staff Award Nominations

Nominations for 2019 are now closed


As a means to support and reward excellence to College of Engineering faculty and staff members, the following awards are conferred on an annual basis. The awards are administered by the College of Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards Committee, with final approval given by the dean of the college. Awardees will be recognized at an annual awards dinner held during Engineers’ Week.

Nomination Format

Your statement should describe your nominee’s major accomplishments with respect to criteria listed for the award.

  • IMPORTANT: Please refer to Award Criteria below and address the items specified–your nominee will be evaluated by these criteria.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: –Nomination Statement must be one-page minimum, two-page maximum –One-inch margins –12 point Times New Roman –Single spaced
  • SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Although not required, supporting documentation may be submitted but must be included with your Nomination Statement as a single PDF file.

Award Descriptions and Specifications

The following links describe the criteria for each award.

If you wish to submit a nomination, please click here for the Nomination Form to make an electronic submission of a Nomination Statement in PDF form.