NMSU graduate goes solo, doubles as engineer and one man band

Writer: Tiffany Carpenter

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Singer, songwriter and violin and guitar player by night – Daniel Park does it all. A 2005 graduate of NMSU, with a degree in electrical engineering, Park is not only an amazing artist, but a smart man as well.

South Korean born, and raised in Albuquerque, Park’s parents insisted he start playing the violin at the age of seven. Park picked up his first guitar at 16, started writing his own songs during his senior year and has been mesmerized ever since.

Many people can pick up a guitar and a violin and sing, but what makes Park special is that he incorporates a special technique called looping. Looping is when an artist records themselves playing one of their instruments and then, while performing live, they put the recording on while playing their other instruments. This creates the effect that there is more than one instrument playing at the same time.

For example, Park will record himself playing the guitar, and at his live shows he will replay the recording of the guitar, while playing the violin and singing at the same time. He is a one man band.

“While developing skills over years, I was thinking of a way to incorporate all of my instruments, but I just wanted to play by myself,” Park said.

Park has not always been a solo artist. He was previously in two other bands based in Las Cruces. The first was called Live Bait, and the other band was Kiss To Betray. Former band Kiss To Betray was a popular band in Las Cruces and gave Park the opportunity to showcase his unique talent. When the band broke up in August, 2007, Park made his final decision to go solo.

“Daniel Park played during the cocktail hour of the Anniversary of the HRTM program last semester. His music was well liked by the guests and increased the ambience of the event,” said Arnold Lopez, a senior majoring in HRTM.

Not only does Park have upcoming events in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, but he was recently asked by ASNMSU Activities to play before the Cross Canadian Ragweed concert on Thursday.

“I saw him at Campus Crusade and thought he was really good and when we were looking for people to perform during the barbeque at Cross Canadian Ragweed, I thought he would be good,” said Amy Pilley, Director of Activities.

We enjoy giving money back to the students, and it worked out because Park is a former student. I think the student body will enjoy the entertainment that he has to provide.”

Park’s music is influenced by bands like Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Jack Johnson.

“When I first started to play, I listened to a lot of different stuff and different genres. I found that I was definitely into more of an acoustic rock sound,” Park said.

Park’s former band, Live Bait, was voted KRUXFEST’s “Best Alternative Band” in 2005 and Park will be returning as a solo artist to KRUXFEST this year on April 25.

“I enjoy playing shows and hope that people will come out and see it at least once,” Park said. “I feel that I have something different to offer. Give live musicians a shot; it’s a tough enough world for any musician as it is and we can always use the support.”

So whether you are a fan of acoustic, alternative, or you want to hear something new, check out Daniel Park. His music is “feel good” and will definitely give you something new to listen to. Park recently released his debut album, These Illusions, and it looks like that will only be the start of his solo career. Park’s music currently has airtime on seven different radio stations across the nation and his gigs in Las Cruces are only getting more plentiful.

To learn more about Daniel Park, visit myspace.com/danielparkmusic or danielparkmusic.com, and don’t forget to attend the Cross Canadian Ragweed Concert where Park will be playing during the barbecue prior to the concert. The concert is Thursday at the Horseshoe.

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