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Registration and Courses




What if I miss the NMSU Graduate School admission deadline?

Application to NMSU Graduate School should be made prior to the deadlines listed below:

  • Requesting fall enrollment – deadline to apply is July 1
  • Requesting spring enrollment – deadline to apply is November 1
  • Requesting summer enrollment – deadline to apply is April 1

If you would like to begin coursework for a semester, but have missed the Graduate School deadline, you may apply as a Non-Degree student. Completion off this form admits you into the system right away, allowing you to take classes while waiting for the Graduate School app to be processed for the following semester. Up to nine credits taken as a Non-Degree student can be transferred toward your Master’s degree upon formal admission to Graduate School.

How will I know when I have been accepted into the program?

Once your application packet has been reviewed by the department to which you are applying and the decision has been made, the application packet is then reviewed by the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. The packet is then sent back to the Graduate Admission Office where the final review of the application is undertaken. At this time the Graduate School notifies the student by letter of the program acceptance or rejection. Last, the Graduate School provides a copy of the acceptance or rejection letter to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

For more information on the application process, consult the application flow chart.

My undergraduate GPA is lower than the departmental requirements. Can I still apply to the Master’s program?

If your undergraduate GPA is lower than the departmental requirements, it would be advised that you apply as a non-degree student for three classes or nine credits. (Up to nine credits will transfer toward a graduate degree.) If the GPA for these courses meets departmental requirements (minimum “B” average) you may then apply for admission as a regular graduate student.

Registration and Courses

How do I register?

When adding a course, be aware of the NMSU academic deadlines. To register, go to A password is needed and instructions for obtaining one can also be found on the site.

How do I drop a course?

This can also be done at

How do I confirm my registration and check my grades?

This can be done at

After I have registered, how do I start the course?

Consult the professor for the course and let them know you have registered. If there is a supplemental web site for the course, they will provide you with that information as well as information about the text and syllabus for the course.

If you are viewing courses on the web, go to the View Lectures page of the program website. The password for this site will be provided once your registration has been submitted and confirmed.

How do I order text books?

Text books can be ordered through the NMSU Bookstore or through any vendor of your choice.

How do I prove I am an NMSU student to qualify for student discounts and tuition reimbursement with my employer?

There are three ways you can prove that you are an NMSU student:

  1. Go to to confirm your registration. This is a good site to be familiar with because it is also where you can check your grades at the end of the semester.
  2. Request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

What is the Application for Admission to Candidacy for Master’s Degree form?

The Application for Admission to Candidacy for Master’s Degree form must be complete by all students prior to taking 12 credits in their program. By filing an approved program of study, you are advanced to candidacy. This program of study may be amended as necessary by you, your advisor and your department head.


How do I pay for my courses?

Your employer can submit direct billing authorization to the NMSU Accounts Receivable office or the student may pay and then seek reimbursement from the employer. Contact your employer for details


What forms do I need to complete prior to graduation?

The paperwork required prior to graduation are listed on the Graduation Checklist page. When filing paperwork, be aware of Graduate School deadlines as late fees will be charged if paperwork is not submitted in a timely manner.

How do I get to Las Cruces?

Making plans to travel to the NMSU campus to present your final are outlined at Traveling to the New Mexico State University campus. Allow yourself time to see the sites in the area.

How do I request my transcripts?

Transcripts can be requested through the NMSU Registrar’s Office.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are also processed by the NMSU Registrar’s Office. You may check the status of your diploma via the link on their web page.