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Welcome to the Technology Interface Journal, the online journal for the Engineering Technology profession serving education and industry. The Technology Interface Journal has been developed to provide professionals in the Engineering Technology profession and related fields, the opportunity to share ideas concerning teaching, teaching improvements, projects, industrial activities, research and much more via the internet. Your continued support of this project is greatly appreciated.

The Technology Interface Journal is currently seeking papers and TechTips for the Fall 2010 edition.

Submissions should be sent to Philip David Weinsier, Editor

Thank you for supporting the Technology Interface Journal .

We also want to thank our past Associate Editors for their significant contributions to the success of the Technology Interface Journal .

Michael Morrell, Associate Editor
Farrokh Attarzadeh, Associate Editor for student papers.
Ali Mehrabian, Associate Editor for Book and Software Reviews
Wangping Sun, Associate Editor for Global Learning

Thank you,

Jeff Beasley, Founding Editor

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