Indian alumni visit campus

Earlier this fall, some 23 engineering alumni and their spouses made their way from various locations throughout the United States to gather for a reunion at New Mexico State University. They were students, originally from India, came to visit the campus that they made their home four plus decades ago.

Indian students in 1964

Then: Chemical engineering students in 1964-65, many of whom visited campus again this fall


Now: Engineering alumni who recently held a reunion on campus. Originally from India, they came to NMSU some 45 years ago to study


While on campus they toured the respective engineering departments and were guests of the chemical engineering department’s liquid nitrogen ice cream social.

“All of us were so excited to visit NMSU and Las Cruces after so many¬†years. Treading the paths of NMSU which we walked on as young men some 45 years ago was an excitingly emotional experience. We came in the 1960s as somewhat skeptical and naive young men to NMSU and left it after little more than three years…confident mature men with a degree in our hands to face this world,” wrote Chaitanya Dave, co-director of the reunion who graduated with a bachelor of science in chemical engineering in 1970.

“You may feel good knowing the fact that all of us are successful professionals. To a large extent, our professional success is attributed to the education we received at NMSU. Hence NMSU occupies a very special place in our hearts.”


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