Registration Errors

Below are some common registration errors or holds that you may encounter and what you can do to address them.  Add/Drop slips are available in Goddard Hall, Room 106, and should be returned there for processing.

Closed Section

  • This error occurs when the course you’re attempting to add has no open seats.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist. If a seat becomes available, you’ll be notified and have an opportunity to register
  • To receive an override for the course, you will need an Add/Drop slip signed by your advisor and the instructor of the course.

Prerequisite or Co-requisite

  • You’ll see this error if the course you’re attempting to add requires completion of another course. A co-requisite error indicates that two courses must be enrolled in and completed simultaneously.
  • If you believe you qualify for a pre-requisite or co-requisite override (review the College of Engineering Prerequisite Policy), you’ll need to discuss this with your advisor and to complete an Add/Drop slip signed by your advisor. Your advisor should note a “Prereq or Coreq override” on the slip.  If the course is outside of the College of Engineering, the instructor of the course will also need to sign.

Instructor Permission Required

  • Enrollment in this course will require the permission of the instructor.
  • Registration requires an Add/Drop slip signed by your advisor and the instructor.

Time Conflict

  • This error indicates that a class you are attempting to add takes place at the same time (or very close in time to) another course in which you are already registered.
  • You’ll need to speak to your instructors to determine whether there are arrangements you can make that will enable you to take both courses. With the permission of your instructors, you’ll need to complete an Add/Drop slip signed by your advisor and the course instructor.

Max Hours Exceeded

    • This error indicates that the course you are intending to add would put you over the maximum credit hours allowed per semester. In most circumstances, undergraduate students are limited to enrollment in no more than 18 credit hours in a spring or fall semester, and no more than 12 credit hours in a summer term. This limit is lower for students under academic sanctions (such as academic warning or probation).
    • If you’d like to request an overload, you’ll need to meet certain performance criteria (see the University Catalog) and complete the Petition for Course Overload. Your course overload form will require your advisor’s signature and will need to be reviewed and approved in the Associate Dean’s office (Goddard Hall 106).

Advising Hold

  • Advising is required each semester. The hold will be removed once you’ve met with your advisor.


  • UAR holds indicate a balance owed to the University. Registration staff cannot remove this hold; you’ll need to address the hold before you’ll be able to register.