Adding and Dropping Classes

The Registrar’s maintains deadline dates for adding and dropping courses.  Until the Registrar’s deadline, you may add or drop a course online using MyNMSU.

After the Registrar’s deadlines, you will need an Add/Drop Slip and approvals in order to make a change to your course schedule.

Add/Drop Slips are available in the Associate Dean’s Office – Goddard Hall 106.  Be sure to collect all required signatures before bringing your forms for processing!

How Do I Add or Drop a Course After the Deadline?

You can find the specific add and drop deadlines at the Registrar’s website.  As a general rule:

During the: In order to: Your Add/Drop slip requires these signatures
1st and 2nd week of classes ADD an open class Student, Advisor
ADD a closed class Student, Advisor, Instructor
DROP Student, Advisor
3rd week DROP Student, Advisor
ADD Student, Advisor, Instructor
Before the 8th week To DROP with a “W” Student