College of Engineering Annual Faculty and Staff Award Nominations

Award Nominations

As a means to support and reward excellence to College of Engineering faculty and staff members, the following awards are conferred on an annual basis. The awards are administered by the College of Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards Committee, with final approval given by the dean of the college. Awardees will be recognized at an annual awards dinner held during Engineers’ Week.

The following list describes the criteria for each award. If you wish to submit a nomination, please click here for the Nomination Form to make an electronic submission of a Nomination Statement in PDF form.

Your statement should describe your nominee’s major accomplishments with respect to criteria listed for the award.

  • IMPORTANT: Please refer to Award Criteria below and address the items specified–your nominee will be evaluated by these criteria.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: –Nomination Statement must be one-page minimum, two-page maximum –One-inch margins –12 point Times New Roman –Single spaced
  • SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Although not required, supporting documentation may be submitted but must be included with your Nomination Statement as a single PDF file.

Synergy Awards

Teaching-Research-Service Synergy Award (Faculty)

This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in all three areas of teaching, research and community engagement/service. This successful awardee excels in bringing out the synergy of the three aspects of the faculty position. Student-centered focus, service-orientation and scholarly thinking should be integrated in the awardee’s activities.

One $1,000 award will be presented each year to a faculty member.

Leadership Synergy Award (Faculty and Staff)

This award recognizes a faculty and a staff member who represents a unique combination of interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skill, and professional skills. The awardees are leaders in their chosen line of work and possess a broad set of skills including entrepreneurship, communication, as well as being self-directed and visionary. Awardees are active in managing their professional lives while exhibiting skills that attract others to follow and share in the vision.

Two $1,000 awards will be presented each year, one to a faculty member and the other to a staff member.

One-College Synergy Award (Faculty and Staff)

This award recognizes a faculty and a staff member who represents the college as a single entity through services and attitudes. The awardee inspires other people within the college to aspire to grow and contribute to the college.

Two $1,000 awards will be presented each year: one to a faculty member and the other to a staff member.  

Ed Foreman Excellence Awards (Faculty and Staff)

The Ed Foreman Excellence Awards will recognize a faculty and a staff member each year. The criterion is simply that the recipients reflects the philosophy of their benefactor, engineering alumnus Ed Foreman. This philosophy can be summed up as one who achieves excellence through the adoption of a positive attitude (see: ). Foreman has made a gift to recognize faculty and staff within the College of Engineering who demonstrate his philosophy of positive thinking as a means of acknowledging the importance of positive attitudes in an organization’s success.

A few memorable Foreman quotes that support the essence of these recognition awards are:

“You can either have a terrible day or a terrific day, and you get to choose. Successful daily living is brought about by having one happy, successful day. If you can find the formula on how to have one happy, successful day, and you can repeat that seven days in a row, you’ve had a good week. Now do that 52 times in a row, and what do you have? You’ve had a great year.”

 “Winners develop the habit of doing the things losers don’t like to do.”

“Life is primarily for laughing, loving, and living. It ain’t just for whining, worrying, and working”!

“Believe that good things will happen. Expectations have a way of coming true.”

Two awards will be made each year: one $1,000 award for a faculty member and one $1,000 award for a staff member.

Bromilow Awards

In 1978, the Bromilow endowed awards for faculty and staff excellence were established to perpetuate the high standard of excellence that Dean Bromilow strove to maintain. The monetary awards are derived from earnings from donations by family, alumni and friends matched by endowments established through appropriations by the New Mexico State Legislature.

No more fitting tribute could be made to Dean Frank Bromilow than for us to gather each year to honor those who continue to provide the highest standards of engineering education including the faculty, staff and students.

Bromilow Outstanding Staff Service Award (Staff)

This award recognizes outstanding contributions, superior service and special contributions to the college. Such activities to be considered are long-term service, student organization assistance or support, election or appointment as an officer or committee member in a college, university or community organization that serves students, staff or faculty members, or the public at large. Nominees can be either exempt or non-exempt and must be at least .75 percent full-time employees.

Recognition will be for superior service, such as:

  • Long-term service,
  • Assistance to student organizations,
  • Election or appointment to service as an officer in a university or community organization serving the students, staff or the public,
  • Outstanding service on university committees, and
  • Special contributions to respective departments.

Bromilow Teaching Excellence Award (Faculty)

Philosophy – An excellent teacher must above all document his or her effectiveness at knowledge transferal and ability to induce critical thinking. Student evaluations are the primary instrument of assessing teaching skills as they represent feedback from those who are extended observers of and beneficiaries of these skills. Other evaluations allow one to complete the picture of his or her abilities as a teacher. Faculty who consider themselves to be excellent teachers must be able to demonstrate that they remain current with existing practice in ones field as well as with new developments that will enhance this practice. Excellent teachers will be able to demonstrate growth as a teacher and, over their career, demonstrate productivity in all major areas detailed below.

  • Teaching: Must demonstrate effectiveness in the classroom as indicated by objective and standardized student evaluations and at least one of the following:
    • Peer evaluation
    • Alumni evaluation
    • Administrative evaluation
    • Other (teaching awards, etc.)
  • Curricula Development: Must show excellence in at least two or effectiveness in all of the following:
    • New course development.
    • Research generated concepts brought to the classroom.
    • New teaching procedures brought to the classroom.
    • Committee work in support of curricula development.
  • Publications/Promotion of Teaching: Must show excellence in at least two or effectiveness in all of the following:
    • Promotion of new teaching ideas e.g. invited speaker at a teaching seminar or speaker at an education conference.
    • Active membership in societies that promote teaching excellence, e.g. American Society of Engineering Education.
  • Student Activities:
    • Advising, helping to solve student problems.
    • Setting up or working in a tutoring laboratory.
    • Active participation as a Faculty Advisor of a student organization.
    • Promotion of student participation in off-campus activities (Student paper contests, field trips, design contests, etc.)
    • Working to secure employment for students.
    • Activities in support of student recruitment.
  • Laboratories:
    • Development of innovative experiments or models.
    • Knowledgeable in the operation of equipment.
    • Obtaining equipment, materials or funding in support of teaching from outside sources.
    • Working with students on projects.
  • Alternate Teaching Environments:
    • Development of computer-assisted education.
    • Participation in distance education.
    • Off-campus teaching.
    • Development of or participation in short courses or schools.

Bromilow Research Award (Faculty)

  • Demonstrated excellence in scholarly activity, evidenced by:
    • A sustained record of scholarly publications and presentations.
    • A sustained record of mentoring students who are conducting research.
    • Excellence in research, such as external funding, or application of research to professional outreach or professional service.
  • Demonstrated excellence in leadership.