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From its beginning in 1891 with the first courses offered in civil and mechanical engineering, New Mexico State University’s College of Engineering is the oldest and largest in the state. The college has come to be a recognized leader in preparing students for rewarding careers. Our graduates are highly sought by businesses, government institutions and academia throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Our faculty members have distinguished themselves with numerous awards in both teaching and research.

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NMSU engineer’s research getting closer to space

 NMSU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Ou Ma has been leading a team of students since 2009 to develop an algorithm to determine changes in inertia for in-orbit spacecraft.

A research project led by New Mexico State University Professor Ou Ma that began in 2008 holds scientific, military and commercial promise for the growing use of satellites. The innovative technology aims to enable spacecraft to dock with satellites for rescue or servicing, thereby increasing the lifespan of these pricey crafts that can spin off and become space junk.


Engineer to share his success story at commencement

ArvizuDan E. Arvizu has traveled an amazing career path since he first walked onto New Mexico State University’s campus in 1968. He is one of the world’s leading experts in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy and one of the top 20 Hispanic scientists and engineers in America.

NMSU is honoring that path during the 2015 fall commencement on Saturday, Dec. 12, by presenting Arvizu with an honorary doctorate.