Engineering Headlines

GO Bond C to improve, renovate NMSU’s aging facilities

More than $27 million in capital outlay projects are on the ballot for the New Mexico State University system as part of over $131 million in proposed general obligation bonds for aging buildings at universities and colleges across the state.

If approved by voters in November, $22.5 million is planned for a new visual arts facility at the Las Cruces campus to replace D.W. Williams Hall, a 78-year-old former gymnasium, which currently houses NMSU’s Department of Art and University Art Gallery. The funding is part General Obligation Bond C for higher education projects.

There is no tax increase associated with these bonds.  Read More

05/31/2016: Engineering student Aaron Lindsay. (Photo by Darren Phillips)

NMSU engineer’s hard work earns big reward

Aaron Lindsay knows how valuable education is.

He came by this knowledge in the three years after he graduated high school, when he worked for a time in a scrapyard, then with adults with developmental disabilities in Alamogordo. He knows how people who don’t pursue higher education can become stuck in low-wage—albeit enjoyable—jobs with few opportunities for upward mobility. Read More