Engineering Headlines

NMSU engineer adapts instrumentation for gas-giant planet research

A collaborative group of researchers in New Mexico and France have been peering into the night sky at Jupiter – through a solar telescope – to discover the origins of the Sun’s planetary system. 

New Mexico State University Electrical Engineering Professor David Voelz is retrofitting an instrument developed in France to detect and capture the data found with the Dunn Solar Telescope located at Sacramento Peak, Sunspot, New Mexico. 

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NMSU, partners vying for $100 million hub to address water challenges

As a leader in water treatment research, the College of Engineering at New Mexico State University is a part of a team preparing a proposal for a new U.S. Department of Energy grant to create an Energy-Water Desalination Hub.

The award for the hub will be approximately $100 million, $20 million per year for five years, with a five-year renewal possibility. 

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